End of the track for Isle of Wights last rollercoaster

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"The Cliffhanger", the Isle of Wight's last rollercoaster closes next week. The Isle of Wight was once one of the UK top tourist destinations and known for its theme parks. As times have changed the Island has undergone many changes and has only a handful of attractions left....

Engineering Podcasts – The Engineering History Podcast

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'The Engineering History Podcast' is - as the name would suggest - about the point at which engineering and history collide. Hosted by Anna Close and Paul Cipparone, each episode is a rousing, and often thought-provoking, discussions about how the things we have engineered reflects who we have...

How a deluge of lockdown volunteers rescued UK’s hidden weather history

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When it rains, it pours. Make hay while the sun shines. Save for a rainy day. Come rain or shine. The English language is overflowing with phrases about the weather, especially rain, or the lack of it. Fascination with the weather seems embedded in the UK’s national identity,...