#Fire Safety

Fungus Revolutionizes Fireproofing: A Sustainable Solution for Building Cladding

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In a groundbreaking development, researchers have discovered a sustainable method to fireproof buildings using fungi. The team at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has developed mycelium panels, a network of fungal strands that can thrive on organic waste and in darkness. The mycelium sheets are created by chemically...

New sprinkler research helps fight slow growing fires

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New research, co-authored but Born to Engineers 'Yusuf Muhammad', has show that traditional fire sprinklers become less effective at saving lives the slower the fire burns. The research looked at the problem of slow burning fires, these often take longer to trigger a traditional sprinkler because of the...

Route Into Engineering – Yusuf Muhammad – Engineer And Designer

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We featured Yusuf Muhammad abnd his revolutionary new household fire-safety device in one of our first Born to Engineer videos. Earlier this year we took some time out with Yusuf to discuss his route into Engineering. Engineering can seem like a distant goal but everyone’s engineering journey...