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Tamar Bridge celebrates its 60th anniversary

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The Tamar Bridge opened 60 years ago today on 24 October 1961. The bridge is celebrating 60 years of service connecting Saltash in Cornwall and Plymouth in Devon. The toll road is publicly owned and was the longest of its type when it first opened in 1961. Today...

Celebrating 50 years since Concordes first UK Flight

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the French-British turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner Concorde's first flight from Filton Bristol to RAF Fairford. BAC (now BAE Systems) began construction of two Concorde prototypes in February 1965. The first plane - Prototype 001 - was built by Aérospatiale at Toulouse...

Engineering History – The heartbreaking story of the flying mathematicians of World War I

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Keith Lucas was killed instantly when his BE2 biplane collided with that of a colleague over Salisbury Plain on October 5, 1916. As a captain in the Royal Flying Corps, Lucas would have known that his death was a very real risk of the work he was doing...