Is this the end of Petrol Engine. Jaguar Land Rover pledges only electric or hybrid cars from 2020

3 years ago — Quick Read

Two months ago Volvo declared it would stop making petrol or diesel powered cars and today Jaguar Land Rover followed their lead pledging to produce only hybrid or electric powered...

VW relaunch Kombi van as electric vehicle

3 years ago — Long Read

Volkswagen is planning to create a brand new all electric van inspired by its iconic camper. The new microbus call will make its debut next January after VM (claims -...

Stagecoach EV Buses can now run longer between charges

4 years ago — Quick Read

Six of the Optare Solo EV buses, operated by Stagecoach, have been modified to allow them to run for longer in between charging sessions. The Optare Solo buses are fully...