Drones might soon be able to re-charge mid-flight thanks to Engineers at Imperial College London

5 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at Imperial College London have showcased an efficient method for wirelessly transferring power to a drone mid-flight. Excitingly the breakthrough might have applications for other technologies - transferring power...

Eagles trained to take down drones in Netherlands

5 years ago — Quick Read

Police in the Netherlands are joining forces with "Guard From Above", a “raptor-training company”, to teach Eagles to snatch drones from the sky midflight.

Drones programmed to build bridge

6 years ago — Quick Read

Quadcopter drones have been programmed to build a rope bridge capable of supporting the weight of a human. The project was the result of a joint study by two researchers...

“Gaming drones” controlled by your smartphone to be introduced by the end of the year

6 years ago — Quick Read

The devices will hopefully be shipped to customers for the first time in December, if the German creators reach their funding target from online donations. The drones can be controlled...

Propulsion breakthrough could improve flight comfort

7 years ago — Quick Read

Shorter take-offs and landings for aircraft, and better manoeuvrability for UAVs are just two of the possible benefits of an EU-supported breakthrough in propulsion technology. The vector thrust system developed...

Scientists developing drone technology are turning to the insect world for inspiration

7 years ago — Long Read

Dr Mirko Kovac, director of the aerial robotics laboratory at Imperial College London, believes that small-but-mighty machines will bring good to humanity Amazon wants to use them to make deliveries....