Yara Eyde: The World’s First Zero-Emission Ammonia-Powered Container Ship Set to Launch in 2026

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Maritime shipping accounts for nearly 3% of global carbon emissions, contributing significantly to climate change. As the industry looks to decarbonise, ammonia has emerged as a promising carbon-free fuel to power the next generation of vessels. Now, ammonia manufacturer Yara and maritime shipping company North Sea Container Line...

Navigating the Fallout: Unpacking the Industry’s Response to the HS2 Cancellation

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The abrupt cancellation of the HS2's northern leg has sent shockwaves through the engineering and construction sectors, eliciting a chorus of disappointment and concern from industry leaders. The decision, announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has been met with widespread criticism, highlighting the potential long-term impacts on the...

EDF Renewables Boosts UK’s Battery Storage Capacity: A Deep Dive

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The renewable energy landscape in the UK is witnessing a significant boost, with EDF Renewables taking the lead in enhancing the nation's battery storage capacity. As the world grapples with the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions, the role of battery storage serves as a linchpin, ensuring that...