The Langarth Deep Geothermal Heat Network: A Pioneering Step Towards Sustainable Heat

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In the realm of renewable energy, geothermal power holds a unique position. Tapping into the Earth's natural heat offers a clean, sustainable solution for our ever-increasing energy demands. A significant step forward in this direction is underway in Cornwall, UK, with the Langarth Deep Geothermal Heat Network,...

Advantages of Launching Rockets from UK Soil for Industry and Security: Insights from Cornwall Space Launch

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Having the capability to launch satellites from UK soil has been a long time coming. The recent attempted launch from Cornwall did not succeed, despite high hopes. Nevertheless, it marks an ambitious new chapter in the UK’s long record of space exploration. As a country, we are good...

Set back for Britians first ever satellite mission

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The first-ever satellite mission launched from UK soil may have faced a setback, but it's not the end of the journey! The American Virgin Orbit company, operating from Newquay, Cornwall, ignited a rocket high over the Atlantic Ocean, but the company later reported that the rocket experienced...