Heatwave – What science says about the best ways to cool down

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What science says about the best ways to cool down We spend most of the year complaining that Britain is too cold and wet but gripe with just as much enthusiasm about the heat. Although moaning about the weather is satisfying, it’s better to take action and cool yourself...

Students generate ideas for the future of Engineering at City Engineering Hackathon 2021

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Students studying at City, University of London, have come together to present their vision for the future of engineering during the City Engineering Hackathon 2021. The event, which lastest three days, was run by Hackathons UK and saw 200 Engineering students present their ideas of how engineering might...

Infographic: What are the worlds biggest cities going to be in 2100?

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The United Nations has predicted the world’s population to be 9.8 billion in 2050. However, that is set to soar to an astonishing 11.2 billion people by the end of the decade - so what will be the largest city in the world in 2100! In 2010, Tokyo,...