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Amateur Scientists: Making Important Discoveries With A Little Help

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How amateur scientists are still helping make important discoveries. What images does science conjure up in your mind? You may well be visualising a laboratory, equations scrawled on a blackboard. Figures are surrounded by glassware filled with coloured liquids. Maybe someone, with a slightly furrowed brow, is hunched...

How a deluge of lockdown volunteers rescued UK’s hidden weather history

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When it rains, it pours. Make hay while the sun shines. Save for a rainy day. Come rain or shine. The English language is overflowing with phrases about the weather, especially rain, or the lack of it. Fascination with the weather seems embedded in the UK’s national identity,...

How scientists found rare fireball meteorite pieces on a driveway – and what they could teach us

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As people in the UK were settling down to watch the late evening news on February 28, a fresh news story, quite literally, appeared in the night sky. A large and very bright fireball was seen over southern England and northern France at 21:54 GMT. It was recorded...