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WIRED releases its 2017 Smart List

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WIRED has released its 2017 smart-list. The list highlights up-and-coming minds from bioscience to software, fashion to entertainment. Among them are two engineers; Professor of Information Engineering Zoubin Ghahramani and Tim Mamtora, Master Engineer of Integrated Circuit Design at Broadcom in Cambridge. Professor Ghahramani was nominated by...

Applications for the University of Cambridge “Public Engagement with Research” Awards Open

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Applications for this year's University of Cambridge Public Engagement with Research Awards are now open. While the awards are only open for researchers and staff at the University of Cambridge who dedicate their time and expertise to public engagement with research they showcase the very best examples of...

Cambridge Engineers have created a transistor that functions for years without a battery

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Engineers at the University of Cambridge have created a new design for transistors that can operate on ‘scavenged’ energy from their environment. This new technology might form the basis for devices which could function for months (or years) without needing a recharging. Future devices based on these ultra-low...