#Bio Engineering

Model life-size human heart 3D-printed out of cardiac tissue-like material

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Imagine you are a doctor about to perform open-heart surgery on someone. Would it help if you could do a test-run before the operation with a perfect replica of their heart? A team of engineers specialising in 3D printing have pioneered a new technique to allow for surgeons...

This Open Source Machine Learning Tool Predicts The Best Chemo Choice 80% of the time

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A new machine learning tool has been developed by bio-engineers at Georgia Tech. It can analyze a patients RNA and match them with the best chemo-drugs. It has matched patients to the best outcome 80% of the time. The team at Georgia Tech behind the tool - John...

New CRISPR Technique Repairs Genetic Mutations in Human Embryos

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Researchers have revealed a new CRISPR technique which might prevent humans from passing on a potentially life-threatening genetic disorder. Marfan Syndrome is estimated to affect 1-in-5,000 people worldwide. The genetic disorder causes issues with the body's connective tissue. Causing issues with everything from a person's eyes, to...