engineering careers  Opportunities open to my child
engineering careers  Opportunities open to my child

Laying the path to successful and rewarding careers is one of the great challenges for parents and their children. Each child is different. The world in which careers are developed is also one which is itself complex and in constant change. The aim of this website is to help in making the career choice a logical and stimulating process by easing access to all the relevant information. It does not seek to cajole but simply to make it possible to have the facts when conducting the career search.

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The factors influencing motivation are many. Some are related to the character of the employment itself. Is the salary attractive? Is there job security? Does the work agree with a family? Some relate to the character of the work. Are teams involved? Is it a respected profession? Does it contribute to the general well-being? Then there are aspects which relate to the character of the individual. Does the job involve new directions? Are there always new things to learn? Is there a genuine need for creativity and talent? Is there a place for the individual to develop? Finally there are aspects which mix these categories. Are there good prospects? Is there variety? Can one travel? Are practical skills given emphasis?

The answers to such questions and an assessment of their importance for the particular person concerned must call upon your own knowledge of the character, enthusiasms and inclinations of that particular student. But they also need information about engineering and the world in which it takes place. It is this second requirement which this website seeks to tackle.

On the associated pages, we introduce the many excellent organisations able to introduce the interested individual to the exciting opportunities of engineering. To find out more, click on the links below.

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