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Yara Eyde: The World’s First Zero-Emission Ammonia-Powered Container Ship Set to Launch in 2026

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Maritime shipping accounts for nearly 3% of global carbon emissions, contributing significantly to climate change. As the industry looks to decarbonise, ammonia has emerged as a promising carbon-free fuel to power the next generation of vessels. Now, ammonia manufacturer Yara and maritime shipping company North Sea Container Line...

Ammonia-Powered Future: Unleashing Sustainable Energy in Aviation

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Ammonia, composed of nitrogen and hydrogen, has emerged as a promising carbon-free alternative fuel. Recent innovations by Sunborne Systems, a spinoff of Reaction Engines, showcase ammonia's viability and versatility as an energy source for aviation and beyond. Sunborne Systems has successfully developed a novel ammonia reactor. The...

UK Government Unveils £650 Million Fusion Energy Research Programme

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The UK government has announced a major new £650 million research programme to accelerate the development of fusion energy technology and training for specialists in this burgeoning field. Dubbed Fusion Futures, the programme represents the most significant investment the UK has made in fusion research to date. The...