Must Watch – NASA Curiosity rover’s 5-year time-lapse

Must Watch – NASA Curiosity rover’s 5-year time-lapse

To celebrate Curiosity’s 5-year anniversary, NASA released amazing time-lapse footage that spans Curiosity’s time on Mars, so far.

Fun Curiosity Facts

  • Curiosity travels at ~5cm a second to preserve power.
  • She would take 45 minutes to get it across a Football Field
  • Scientist started to drive Curiosity in reverse to even out the >wear and tear on the front and back wheels.  (This is due to sharp rocks that cut into the wheels and they were unknown to science until Curiosity observes them)
  • She can dig samples and separate them by microns so she can observe them in different onboard experiments
  • Her laser burns rock to analyze the kinds of gases released which can tell you what the rock is made of

We can’t wait to see what Curiosity finds next.

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