Infographic — How To Become an Engineer

Infographic — How To Become an Engineer

Recent research from Jobsite has revealed product designer, developer and engineer to be the three most appealing jobs in 2017

The research marks a shift away from aspiring to a career in ‘entertaining’ for Generation Z – a generation it paints as ‘the first digital natives, social media savvy with a conscience’.

The UK is suffering a major skills shortage in technical areas and this turn-around will be music to many employer’s ears. However, the research revealed there are still problems with the profession. While the excitement for engineering is there, 63% of teens don’t know what qualifications are required or if they should follow a engineering degree or vocational route.

Luckily Jobsite have produced this handy infographic (after evaluating over 35,800 engineers in the UK database) to show what the average career of an engineer really looks like from A Levels right through to Director. If you are thinking of a career as a mechanical engineer, civil engineer or any other type of engineer explore the guide below to find out more.

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