Denmark presses ahead with £25bn artificial wind energy island

engineering careers  Denmark presses ahead with £25bn artificial wind energy island

A new agreement between Danish political parties has cleared the way for the creation of a massive clean energy hub in the North Sea.


The £25bn artificial “energy island” is set to be the largest construction project in Danish history and will sit 50 miles off the Danish coast, west of the Jutland peninsula, in the middle of the North Sea.

The project is set to create a 120,000 sq metres island, protected on three sides by a high sea wall, and is initially set to provide 3m Danish households with green energy.

The project will be funded by a 51% government stake in the Island from the Danish government with the rest held by companies in the private sector.

The first phase of the build will see the hub initially support 5GW of wind generation and will triple Denmark’s current offshore wind capacity. The second phase should see the Island output increase to a whooping 12GW. Denmark hopes to complete the build by 2033.