Accu Initiates Scholarship Program for Aspiring Engineers

Accu Initiates Scholarship Program for Aspiring Engineers

Accu, a leading precision engineering component supplier, has announced a new scholarship initiative to assist engineering students across the United Kingdom. With a turnover of £12 million, Accu is extending its resources to help develop the future workforce of the engineering industry.

The scholarship program, named “Building Tomorrow’s Visionaries”, is aimed at providing financial support for undergraduate engineers. Simultaneously, Accu is launching an award for engineers engaged in their postgraduate studies, with the same “Building Tomorrow’s Visionaries” moniker.

Accu has launched a new scolarship programme to support student engineers

Applications for these scholarships are now open on the Accu website.

Accu, with its workforce of over 90 and a client list that includes over 50% of the world’s top 100 manufacturers, is collaborating with Blackbullion, a financial well-being platform, to offer these scholarships.

UK Managing Director at Accu, Alastair Morris, expressed the company’s intention to extend their efforts to support the next generation of engineers. Accu is looking to provide financial aid and work experience opportunities to assist in the career development of the scholarship recipients.

Accu’s scholarship winners will also be offered a £100 credit for use on the website, which can be used to buy necessary components for their engineering projects.

Furthermore, Accu is considering offering paid internships to scholarship recipients to provide industry experience and exposure to the latest Industry 4.0 technology.

Accu has a history of supporting students who have a keen interest in engineering. This includes participating in various student-led teams in recognized contests such as the IMechE Formula Student competition and guest lecturing at universities.

For more information about the scholarships, eligibility details, and to apply, prospective candidates can visit


  • Precision engineering component supplier, Accu, introduces a UK-wide scholarship initiative for engineering students.
  • The “Building Tomorrow’s Visionaries” scholarship and award aim to aid undergraduate and postgraduate engineers financially.
  • Applications for these scholarships are open on the Accu website.
  • Accu partners with the financial well-being platform, Blackbullion for the scholarship program.
  • Winners will receive a £100 credit to be used at for their projects.
  • Accu is contemplating providing paid internship opportunities for scholarship recipients.
  • The company has previously supported student participation in established contests and university lectures.

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