International Women’s Day is all about challenging stereotypes and bias

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This year International Women's Day is all about challenging stereotypes and bias with #PressforProgress. Watch Our Born to Engineer Film Pushing Boundaries - Women in Engineering - Follow Dawn Bonfield on her journey looking at some incredible and inspiring stories of female engineers - could the next...

Natural History Museum shares the inspiring stories of women in science and research

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The Natural History Museum is home to more than 300 scientists who spend their days inside collections, storeroom and labs at the Museum. For me science is all about problem solving, which is why it’s so important to have people from a diverse range of back grounds working...

Routes into Engineering – Apprenticeships, University Or A-Levels

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Mapping out your career path is a bit like a game of Snakes and Ladders – aiming for the ladders (e.g. good exam grades), whilst avoiding the snakes (e.g. choosing the wrong course or qualification for you). Unlike Snakes and Ladder in career planning you make your own...