#Sustainable Aviation

NASA’s X-66A: Sustainable Aviation with Transonic Truss-Braced Wings

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In an era where sustainability is paramount, the aviation industry is changing. NASA hopes to be a world leader in this transformation. The American Space Organisation believes that their latest plane, the X-66A, will come to symbolise eco-friendly aviation's future. Born from a collaborative effort between NASA and...

Revolution in the Skies: H2FLY’s Pioneering Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Flight

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In a move that promises to reshape the future of aviation, Germany's H2FLY has successfully showcased the potential of liquid hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source. With the world keenly watching green technology, the successful flight tests of the HY4 demonstrator aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen have set...

Air Nostrum’s Ambitious Expansion: Doubling Airlander 10 Orders

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Air Nostrum, a prominent Spanish regional airline, has made waves in the industry by doubling its reservation order for the innovative Airlander 10 aircraft. This move underscores the potential of wind-assisted propulsion systems. Air Nostrum's decision to amplify its Airlander 10 order from 10 to a whopping 20...