MIT offers sneak peak at the densest concentrations of nuclear science instrumentation and brain power on the planet

5 years ago — Quick Read

Two MIT graduate students have provided an inside look at MIT's network of nuclear facilities and labs that mimic the footprint of a national lab.

New Wi-Fi system ‘MegaMIMO 2.0’ designed to tackle spectrum crunch

5 years ago — Quick Read

MegaMIMO 2.0 is a new Wi-Fi system designed help with congested networks. It can transfer wireless data three times faster than existing Wi-Fi protocols, and can almost double the range....

“Solar Sponge” offers a completely new approach to solar steam generation

5 years ago — Long Read

MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped sponge-like device which can soak up sunlight to generate steam through its pores. Researchers call the design a "solar vapour generator". It does not...

Could MIT’s “Interactive Dynamic Video” technique revolutionize Structural Health Monitoring?

5 years ago — Quick Read

Abe Davis has produced a video breakdown of his on-going PhD dissertation at MIT. In it, algorithms are used to extract an image-space representation of object structure from a video...

MIT device identifies power-hungry home appliances

5 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers at MIT have created a new device that can identify appliances in your home which are using too much power. In a paper published this week in the IEEE...

MIT study explores the challenges facing women in Engineering

5 years ago — Quick Read

Group dynamics within teams and internships have been blamed for discouraging women within the industry in a study co-authored by MIT sociologists.