The Punishing Signal – Did Mumbai just solve the its honking problem?

1 year ago — Quick Read

Tired of "honkers" in traffic jams? India has come up with a solution. These traffic lights will stay red as long as the drivers keep honking. The constant barrage of...

Born to Engineer talks exotic locations with SMEC Chief Technical Principal Gavin Strid

2 years ago — Long Read

There are lots of reasons why people are drawn to Engineering – for Gavin Strid exotic locations such as Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and China were an opportunity that he couldn’t pass...

Richard Branson’s ‘Global Cooling Prize’ offers $3 Million to Reinvent the Air Conditioner

3 years ago — Quick Read

UK Engineering superstar Sir Richard Branson is set to give $3 million to whoever can reinvent the air conditioner.

India Unveils ‘Statue of Unity’ – The Worlds Largest Statue

3 years ago — Long Read

India has officially inaugurated a 182-metre-high statue designed by Indian sculptor Ram V Sutar and created by Michael Graves Architecture and Design. It will open to the public tommorow.

India rolls out solar-powered train coaches that’ll will save thousands of litres of diesel

4 years ago — Quick Read

India’s massive train network is about to get serious about solar On July 14, Indian Railways revealed its first train coach with rooftop solar panels. These new panels will be...