Yara Eyde: The World’s First Zero-Emission Ammonia-Powered Container Ship Set to Launch in 2026

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Maritime shipping accounts for nearly 3% of global carbon emissions, contributing significantly to climate change. As the industry looks to decarbonise, ammonia has emerged as a promising carbon-free fuel to power the next generation of vessels. Now, ammonia manufacturer Yara and maritime shipping company North Sea Container Line...

Solar panels a ‘requirement’ on all new EU buildings

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Solar panels are set to become mandatory be on all Europe's new public, commercial buildings, and residential buildings buildings. The European Union wants to boost the rollout of solar energy while also rebuilding Europe’s solar manufacturing industry. As part of the EU's new strategy to dump imports of...

Promising advances in rocket propulsion offer a new era of spaceflight

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The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has recently commissioned three private companies, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin and General Atomics, to develop nuclear fission thermal rockets for use in lunar orbit. Such a development, if flown, could usher in a new era of spaceflight. That said, it...