Engineers demonstrate the first ever drone provided mobile phone service for disaster response

4 years ago — Quick Read

Engineering professor Kamesh Namuduri has successfully tested his mobile cellular service with a drone team in Waxahachie. The technology could be lifesaving when disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes strike. Natural...

Bristol hosts MAAXX – The Worlds First Autonomous Drone Race

4 years ago — Long Read

Drone enthusiasts are set to descend on the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) as it hosts an indoor drone air race with a twist. While competing drones...

Zipline secures $25 million investment to deliver medical supplies by drone

5 years ago — Quick Read

It is hard not to be impressed by Ziplines vision for Drone technology. The Californian company has just secured an additional $25 million in funding (meaning it has raised $43...

Drones might soon be able to re-charge mid-flight thanks to Engineers at Imperial College London

5 years ago — Long Read

Engineers at Imperial College London have showcased an efficient method for wirelessly transferring power to a drone mid-flight. Excitingly the breakthrough might have applications for other technologies - transferring power...

Eagles trained to take down drones in Netherlands

5 years ago — Quick Read

Police in the Netherlands are joining forces with "Guard From Above", a “raptor-training company”, to teach Eagles to snatch drones from the sky midflight.

Drones fly above storms to track weather data

5 years ago — Quick Read

A military-grade drone is being tested by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the hope that it can be used to accurately track severe storms. The drone collects...