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Set back for Britians first ever satellite mission

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The first-ever satellite mission launched from UK soil may have faced a setback, but it's not the end of the journey! The American Virgin Orbit company, operating from Newquay, Cornwall, ignited a rocket high over the Atlantic Ocean, but the company later reported that the rocket experienced...

Is Cornwall is set to become the new Cape Canaveral?

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The UK is about to have its first space launch – but Cornwall is unlikely to become a new Cape Canaveral Virgin Orbit, a US company which provides launch services for satellites, has announced that the first orbital space mission from the UK will blast off from Cornwall. The...

Rocket arrives for first UK space launch

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Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne - the rocket that will conduct the first-ever orbital mission blasting off from the United Kingdom itself - has been delivered to its spaceport. The rocket will be used to launch payloads into orbit from Spaceport Cornwall. Its' arrival follows on from the arrival...