AI to help arthritis patients manage their flare-ups

8 months ago — Long Read

A partnership between UK health company Living With, the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (RUH), and the University of Bath has nabbed a major grant to develop a...

Engineers take aim at cancer with 100-million fps camera

1 year ago — Quick Read

A new high-speed camera is being developed which will allow light and sound to be used in new innovative medical treatments.

Motion Capture suit for dogs will make CGI realistic

2 years ago — Quick Read

Engineers at the University of Bath’s Centre for Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research& Applications (aka CAMERA) are developing new techniques to make on-screen animated dogs played by humans more realistic....

The University of Bath is offering a fully funded PhD to investigate “Video Dressing Virtual Actors”

3 years ago — Long Read

The CAMERA (Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications) project, part of the University of Bath, is offering something a little different to prospective to PhD candidates...