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Explore how bubbles can be used to deliver drugs to cancerous tissue

The Lesson

This lesson links aspects of states of matter to the use of bubbles to deliver drugs to cancerous tissue, and is appropriate to students aged 12- 14. Most children will be familiar with soapy bubbles consisting of gas surrounded by a film of moisture. This lesson looks at the formation of bubbles that contain liquid surrounded by a ‘membrane’ of gas, giving rise to the name ‘antibubbles’.

The purpose of the practical activity is to explore the behaviour of matter in a novel situation, and to encourage students to offer explanations for their observations.

This would also make a good science club activity.

What is Provided

There is a full set of hand-picked resources to go with this lesson including teacher and student sheets.

Curriculum links

Curriculum links include working scientifically, states of matter, solids, liquids, gases.

SUBJECT(S) Careers, Engineering, Science, Practical work, Enquiries and investigations, Demonstrations, Chemistry
AGE 11-14

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