Bloodhound Seeks New Driver and Sustainable Rocket Fuel in Bid to Break 800mph Land Speed Record

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The ambitious Bloodhound land speed racing project is gearing up for a renewed bid to break the 800mph barrier and set a new world land speed record. Bloodhound first burst onto the scene in 2008, intending to break the 763mph record. After hitting financial and logistical hurdles, the...

Letting Bloodhound Off The Leash – date set for Bloodhound High Speed Test programme

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The Bloodhound LSR team are now set to conduct their first full test run at Hakskeen Pan track in South Africa in Autumn 2019 The team behind the supersonic car are planning a series of tests that include high-speed tests of aerodynamics, handling, desert wheels and parachutes in...

Bloodhound gets brand new HQ, a new name and a new paint job

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Born to Engineer favourite Bloodhound was saved from bankruptcy late last year by Ian Warhurst. The result of that rescue is now being seen. The vehicle has been renamed from the 'Bloodhound SSC' to the 'Bloodhound LSR' (Land Speed Record) and its HQ moved from the quiet...