#Virtual Reality

Army Medics use VR ‘Chinook’ to help save lives on the battlefield

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The University of Birmingham’s Human Interface Technology (HIT) team has designed new simulator of a Chinook helicopter. The simulation brings together virtual reality and an inflatable training enclosure to help train the UK Armed Forces’ Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). Your browser does not support the video tag....

Virtual Reality & Robotics Help Paralyzed Patients Learn to Walk Again

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Long-term paraplegics, fully paralysed from the waist down, have experienced a partial recovery after training with virtual reality (VR) and robotic technologies. Researchers in Brazil carried out the first-of-its-kind rehab program as part of the "Walk Again Project". A brain-machine interface (a system that recorded their brain...

Effects of drug driving felt through a suit

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A suit has been developed which enables drivers to feel the effects of driving whist on drugs. The wearable technology consists of: goggles that blur the user’s vision; a vibrating wrist band; a weight around the left ankle, elbow and knee straps; headphones which play distracting noises; and...