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Richard Branson announces his own plans to travel to space

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Engineering entrepreneur Richard Branson has announced that intends to travel into space aboard his own Virgin Galactic spaceship by July. Virgin Galactic's 'SpaceShipTwo' - pictured above - would be commanded by two pilots and is able to carry six passengers The billionaire told AFP that he wants to...

Virgin Galactics ‘Unity’ successfully reaches space for first time

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Virgin Galactic has announced that its 'Virgin Space Ship' (VSS) successfully reached space for the first time this Thursday. 'Unity' launched from the Mojave test centre in California yesterday. The craft climbed 51 miles before returning back to base. Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic’s first two astronauts. The...

Virgin Galactic Resumes Test Flights over Californian desert

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Virgin Galactic has announced the first test-flight of its brand-new VSS Unity. This is the first time Virgin has conducted a test flight since the fatal crash of SpaceShipTwo 2 years ago. The VSS Unity is similar in size to SpaceShipTwo with a wingspan of 12.8m and a...