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Space Perspective – High Altitude shows off ‘Space Lounge’

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A new space tourism startup Space Perspective has revealed the designs for its “Space Lounge” cabin. Space Perspective hope the lounge will ascend well into the Earth’s atmosphere, but unlike other space tourism ventures it will do this hanging from a massive balloon. The capsule will stop at...

Branson preps for ‘extraordinary’ Space flight today

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British Engineering icon Sir Richard Branson is set to realise his life's ambition to fly to the edge of space today. Branson is set to board his Virgin Galactic rocket plane today and blasts off to boundary of space - 50 miles above the Earths surface. Officially Branson...

FAA approves passenger spaceflight for Virgin Galactic

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Space Tourism company Virgin Galactic announced today that the US Federal Aviation Administration has given the company the final license it needs to fly passengers on future spaceflights. Up to now Virgin Galactic the commercial license that the company had did not allow them to carry commercial passengers....