Suit Converts Body Heat into Energy for Mining Cryptocurrency

engineering careers  Suit Converts Body Heat into Energy for Mining Cryptocurrency

‘The Institute of Human Obsolence’ (IoHO) has demonstrated a suit which converts human body heat into energy for mining Cryptocurrency.

The tongunue-in-cheek project aims to highlight the important links between human capital and biological labor and data-production labor.

The suit works by storing heat by utilising thermoelectric generators – it can then convert it into usable electricity which in turn is used to mine a range of cryptocurrency ‘coins’.

In total the IoHO made use of 37 workers for the project project – combined the team expended 212 work hours which converted to 127,210 milliwatts of electricity and mined 17,000 cryptocurrency coins.

Each worked received 80 percent of the coins their heat produced with the IoHO claiming the remaining 20 percent.

“I think art is able to explain abstract things and through art, you are also able to trigger something. With this project I want to generate questions or sparks”IoHO founder Manuel Beltrán

In Images – the suit that converts body heat to Cryptocurrency

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