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This month we are doing something a little different for the summer holidays and diving into fiction. Finding the perfect books for you to sit back with in the sun.

K.T Lee’s ‘Calculated Deception’ is a mix of a little bit of romance, a decent amount of adventure, and above all suspense.

Dr Ree Ryland is an engineering professor. She loves her job and she plays by the rules. Her life is turned upside down when FBI agent Parker Landon discovered that her University has been producing military-grade hardware disguised as test equipment and she is the prime suspect. Turning down protection from the FBI she uses her knowledge to help the team track discover which one of Ree’s friends and colleagues are the true culprit before it’s too late.

At its core, the book offers a solid mystery that will keep you reading. However, KT employs a few literary tricks along the way. The story alternates between characters third-person viewpoints. For the most part, this works well in keeping the pace of the book and giving it an almost cinematic feel.

For us, the success of the book is the character of Dr Ree Ryland. An intelligent college professor and engineer.

While there are no shortages of Professors caught up in international event in other books, KT manages to capture the academic side of Ree’s job alongside the actual science. The book gives an insight into the working of a University in the Engineering department and the different people that work there. Of course, while real life might be a little less thrilling, it is refreshing to see to a real working department form the backdrop to Ree’s story.

The book is accessible to anyone. Engineering concepts and terms are explained in a clear an understandable way. The reader is not forced to take a deep dive into technical concepts to drive the story forward.

The structure of the book makes it a perfect read for anyone wanting to quickly dip and out of the story. Chapters are short and well paced. Characters come to life on the page and the mystery ensures you keep reading. An ideal summer holiday read.

The book kicks of K.T’s The Calculated Series. If you love it then you can continue to follow Dr Ree Ryland’s adventures throughout the series.

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