A New Cheap 2D Material Can Remove 99.9999% of Bacteria From Water Using Only Sunlight

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A new Material Science breakthrough from Engineers in China could bring cheap clean drinking water to people around the world. The team from Yangzhou University have developed a new water system that relies on sunlight and a "2D" material to purify water. The method removes 99.9999% of bacteria...

‘Simple engineering solutions can make a difference’ – Milly Hennayake is Born to Engineer

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Milly Hennayake knew that simple engineering solutions can make a huge difference to the lives of others. Our latest Born to Engineer features Civil Engineer Milly Hennayake and her work with Engineers Without Borders UK. Milly first got involved with Engineers Without Borders at University. After working...

Solar-powered distillation unit to offer fresh water where wells run salty

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Engineers have taken aim at the problem of water shortages in arid coastal areas. Up to now, dry areas close to the sea wells can see wells become so depleted that seawater leaches into the freshwater supply. A team from the University of Michigan’s School for Environment...