Virgin wants to turn its Green Broadband Cabinets into EV Charging Points

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As Electric Vehicles sales boom there is going to be no such thing as too many charging points on UK streets. Currently charging an Electric Vehicle (EV) can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. The problem is there street charging points are few and far between and installing new...

Richard Branson’s ‘Global Cooling Prize’ offers $3 Million to Reinvent the Air Conditioner

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UK Engineering superstar Sir Richard Branson is set to give $3 million to whoever can reinvent the air conditioner. The 'Global Cooling Prize' is a campaign to search for the a new sustainable design for the air conditioner. Air Conditioner in a major contributor to global energy...

Virgin Orbit set for Blast Off – Virgin awarded license for Aerial Satellite Launch

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Virgin is betting its future space prospects on airborne launch and its spinoff Virgin Orbit has just been given a license for a first attempt! Virgin Orbit - the sister company to Virgin Galactic - is betting that it can push down the cost of satellite launches...