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University of Sheffield’s Green Hydrogen Revolution: A Leap Towards Sustainable Aviation

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The aviation industry stands at a pivotal crossroads. As the world grapples with the pressing need to combat climate change, sustainable solutions have never been more crucial. Enter green hydrogen - a beacon of hope for an industry striving for sustainability. The University of Sheffield, renowned for its...

Nuclear research facility opened in Sheffield

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University of Sheffield has opened a new £3m nuclear research facility, called Materials for Innovative Disposition from Advanced Separations (MIDAS). The new facility has come about as part of the government's plans to expand the use of nuclear power in the UK. The site will focus on researching...

University of Sheffield reveals plans to expand Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

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The University of Sheffield is planning to expand its Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, in partnership with Boeing, including a Factory 2050 facility, a National Material Institute and a Fast Make Centre of Excellence. This should facilitate the university’s relationship with leading aerospace and engineering companies.