Drone Video Reveals the scale of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory 3

2 years ago — Quick Read

A video uploaded by YouTuber Jason Yang has revealed the huge scale of Tesla's 'Gigafactory 3' in Shanghai China.

Tesla wants to create a virtual power plant in Australia with 50k Powerwalls

3 years ago — Quick Read

Electric battery and car company Telsa is on track to deploy 50,000 Powerwalls across Australia. It has just kicked off the second phase of development by adding another 1,000 homes...

SpaceX reveals tooling to build the first manned spaceship to Mars

3 years ago — Quick Read

Elon Musk has revealed the tooling SpaceX will use to build the first manned spaceship to Mars. The post, reveals a huge carbon fibre mandrel (with a Tesla Model 3...

Tesla shows of its tiny futuristic house

4 years ago — Quick Read

Australia sunshine makes it a prime candidate for solar energy (it has the highest average solar radiation per square meter than any other continent on Earth!) and this makes it...

Infographic — Is the Tesla Model 3 going to completely change the future of driverless cars?

4 years ago — Long Read

Over the next decade we are going to see driverless cars cruising down our roads. As the technology becomes more advanced - and public excitement grows - so does the...

Tesla Break World Acceleration Record for Production Cars

4 years ago — Quick Read

Tesla has made automotive history again by breaking the record for the world’s fastest accelerating production vehicle. Tesla already held the world record. The standard Model S accelerated from 0...