Reprogrammable Eutelsat Quantum satellite blasts off

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Last Friday a Ariane 5 rocket blasted off from French Guiana. It's payload was Eutelsat Quantum - the worlds first commercial fully reprogrammable satellite. Up to now, most commercial satellites are hard-wired before launch but the Eutelsat Quantum transmission beams can be reconfigured from the ground. The satellite...

MEV-2 craft completes first-ever snatch of an active satellite

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SpaceLogistics - a part of Engineering giant Northrop Grumman - has successfully piloted its' Mission Extension Vehicle-2 (MEV-2) to grab hold of an ageing Intelsat 10-02 (1 degree West) satellite. An image of Intelsat 10-02 taken by MEV-2’s infrared wide field of view camera at 15m away. The...

Spacecraft brings aging satellite back to life

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In an (out of?) the world first a spacecraft has returned an ageing satellite back into service. As our reliance on satellites for communication, information and research has grown over the last few decades the demand for a new "satellite servicing" industry has grown. In a first...