Solar-powered car breaks efficiency world record

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A team of Engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have crushed the solar-powered car efficiency record. Advances in photovoltaic tech have leapt forward in the last decade. Those advances are now being felt in solar-powered racing. Students on the UNSW Sunswift team smashed the...

Egypt hopes to unlock its energy potential with the worlds largest solar farm

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Egypt's Western Desert is set to host the world's largest solar park. The 37.2 km2 Benban Solar Park is located 400 miles south of Cairo in Egypt’s Western Desert. The $2.8-billion complex will become the largest solar installation in the world and put Egypt on the renewable...

Portugal exceeds 100% Renewable Energy

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Portugal is leading the way in Europe on renewables - for the first time, it has generated more renewable energy than demand. REN - Portguals equivelant of the nation grid - announced that last month the country generared 103% of its electricity demand from renewable sources (4.812Gwh...