Quantum Supremacy – What is it? What does it really mean?

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Google and IBM are at odds over 'quantum supremacy' – an expert explains what it really means Google claims to have demonstrated something called “quantum supremacy”, in a paper published in Nature. This would mark a significant milestone in the development of a new type of computer, known...

Ghost particle – CERN investigates bizarre and unexpected new particle in its latest dataset

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Researchers on CERN's multipurpose Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector have spotted downright weird bumps in their most recent data. The team at CMS think they might have discovered a mysterious particle with twice the mass of a carbon atom. The find comes from two separate pieces of...

LHC Confirms Two New Particles… And maybe a Third

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Scientists working on the LHCb (Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment) have confirmed observations of two new particles that have never been seen before... and seen evidence of a third. The two new particles are not unexpected. Both are baryons and predicted by the standard quark model. These are...