Global temperatures could hit record highs over the next two years

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An expected major El Nino event in the pacific could significantly increase global temperatures in the next year. The last few years have been cooler than expected, although that pattern is now expected to end. Professor Rowan Sutton, from the University of Reading, said “unless there's a big...

Engineers study rubbish patch in Pacific, in hope of future clear-up

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Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch organisation, has brought together volunteers who have spent the last month in the Pacific Ocean collecting data on how much rubbish is in certain areas. A total of 30 boats are collecting the information, as part of a 30 day “mega-expedition”. In the future,...

Unmanned boat aims to cross Atlantic by 2020

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Engineers at Plymouth University are developing a vessel which aims to to cross the Atlantic which will run on renewable power. They have named the boat Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS). It is named after the original Mayflower boat from Plymouth and its voyage in 2020 will be...