NHS Capsule Cam will test for cancer

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Thousands of UK patients who have experienced symptoms of bowel cancer are in line to receive a special drug capsule that stores a tiny camera inside of it. The NHS will soon begin to national trial to check for a variety of cancers using a miniature camera that...

The first Artificial Cartilage Gel Strong Enough for Knees

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Knee cartilage performs an important role in our bodies, acting as both a barrier to protect our joints from harm and a soft cushion. This amazing biological substance has proved difficult to replace. However, a breakthrough from bio-engineers at Duke University is set to change that. The team...

CRISPR gene editing used inside a person’s body for first time

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A team of scientists have used CRISPR inside someone’s body for the first time opening a new frontier for efforts to change DNA to treat diseases. The team used the gene-editing tool on a patient at the Casey Eye Institute at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland...