LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot Kills Infection-Causing Microbes in Hopstials

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Meet LightStrike - the robot making hospitals safer by zapping germs with UV rays. Across the world, hospitals are looking at innovative ways to battle deadly pathogens or kill antibiotic resistant infections. Saint Peter's University Hospital has taken a leap into the future with the implementation of a...

Meet the Drone that might one day save your life

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Sweden has started a drone trial which could allow emergency medical care to reach patients having a heart-attack ... before an ambulance even arrives. Every second counts when you are having a heart-attack because every minute a heart-attack continues a persons chances of survival drops by 10%. Cardiac...

Engineer Asier Marzo has created a sonic tractor beam … which you can build at home

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Have you ever wanted to create an acoustic tractor beam to allow you to move objects with sound? Engineer Asier Marzo has not only proved it is possible but produced a video walking you through how to create a tractor beam of your own. In December last year,...