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Revolution in the Skies: H2FLY’s Pioneering Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Flight

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In a move that promises to reshape the future of aviation, Germany's H2FLY has successfully showcased the potential of liquid hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source. With the world keenly watching green technology, the successful flight tests of the HY4 demonstrator aircraft powered by liquid hydrogen have set...

Promising advances in rocket propulsion offer a new era of spaceflight

Deep Dive

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has recently commissioned three private companies, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin and General Atomics, to develop nuclear fission thermal rockets for use in lunar orbit. Such a development, if flown, could usher in a new era of spaceflight. That said, it...

What is rockets were transparent?

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A new youtube video gives us a sneak peek on what actually happens when a rocket lifts off. The video shows four transparent iconic rocket types; the Saturn V ( NASA super heavy-lift rocket that took man to the moon and was in operation between 1967 and...