iRonCub – Jetpacks and Terrifying Dolls face

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Engineers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) have created a jetpack-wearing humanoid robot. The iRonCub has been designed to meet the very real need for robots to overcome impassable terrain and help during disaster response. However, this has been overshadowed by the inclusion of a creepy,...

Flying car completes first ever city-to-city flight

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A staple of Science-fiction has become a reality as the AirCar completed a full 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to the international airport in Bratislava. The dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle completed the major intercity milestone bringing it one step closer to production this week. Co-founder...

Engineering Ideas – Can we make drones sound less annoying by factoring in humans at the design stage?

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These days almost everyone has either flown a drone or listened to the nasty whining sound they produce. Although small drones (up to 20kg) are about 40 decibels quieter than conventional civil aircraft, they produce a high pitched noise – which people tend to find very annoying. One...