9 Top Challenges Electrical Engineers Commonly Face in the UK

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Are you starting your career or education in Electrical engineering in the UK? If yes, your future is undoubtedly bright. Electrical engineers enjoy good packages and rewarding projects in the UK. However, the road to success is also filled with certain challenges you. Let’s get into details. 9...

Compact Cane – Creating meaningful and purposeful products

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Meet the Engineer who developed a university research assignment into a commercial product using holistic user-centred design.​​​​​​​ University of Bath Engineer Nia Simpson took her final-year mechanical engineering project, the Compact Cane, to the commercial market and now has a string of awards to her name (including University...

Bath Engineers make Covid breakthrough

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University of Bath Engineers have created a pioneering new way to ventilate multiple COVID patients in the event equipment shortages. Demand for ventilator - machines that assist a patient to breathe if they are unable to on their own - was a key concern in the first wave...