Nuclear fusion: how excited should we be?

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There’s been tremendous excitement about recent results from the Joint European Torus (JET) facility in the UK, hinting that the dream of nuclear fusion power is inching closer to reality. We know that fusion works – it is the process that powers the Sun, providing heat and light...

Nuclear Energy – Major fusion breakthrough

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A team of European Fusion Engineers have made a major breakthrough to create a working practical nuclear fusion reactor. JET laboratory - a UK-based lab - has broken its existing record for how much energy can be extracted when squeezing together hydrogen atoms. Watch our Born to...

Engineers predict optimal magnetic fields for suppressing instabilities in Fusion reactors

Long Read

Fusion processes are present wherever we look. However, the process drives the sun and stars has long eluded physics here on Earth. Fusion sounds too good to be true. By merging light elements in hot charged plasma ( a state of matter made up of free electrons and...