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Electric Powertrains Set to Revolutionise Aviation Sustainability

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A UK startup is charging ahead to decarbonize regional and domestic flights with an innovative drop-in electric engine replacement. After receiving recent grant funding, Flux Aviation has accelerated the prototype development of its 75kW battery-powered powertrain system. During engineering studies, Flux Aviation founders Neofytos Dimitriou and Radovan Gallo...

Spirit of Innovation plane is the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft

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The Spirit of Innovation - an electric aircraft demonstrator developed by Rolls-Royce - has clinched the record for the world's fastest all-electric aircraft. The Derby-based firm has claimed that the craft hit a speed of 387.4 mph during a test run at Boscombe Down in Amesbury on...

Will Electric planes solve flying’s CO₂ problem?

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The UK government plans to ban the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Clearly the plan is for all citizens to be driving electric or hybrid-electric cars, or – better still – riding bicycles. But can electrification help cut emissions from that other carbon-intensive...