Romanian Engineer Creates Flying Saucer

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A Romanian engineer has created a working flying saucer. Seriously. Razvan Sabie, inventor of the ADIFO (All-DIrectional Flying Object) says his flying machine is designed "to change the actual paradigm of flight". Flying Saucer designs have gone viral in the past; however, these have typically been off-the-shelf...

Air Force Academy cadet creates bullet-stopping gravy body armour

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After a year of research and 20 attempts to get the material right, an Air Force Academy cadet has developed goo which can enhance existing types of body armour. The goo is essentially a thin layer of gravy. That's right - the new material appears not to be...

Experimental Railgun Shoots 4,500mph Projectiles

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The US Department of Defense has been showcasing a new experimental railgun capable developed by the U.S. Navy. It is capable of rapidly firing projectiles at staggering velocities without the need for explosives. The gun can fire projectiles at a target at speeds approaching 4,500 MPH, up...

BAE Systems makes history with graduate intake

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Defence company BAE Systems has announced it took on over 1,000 graduates and apprentices this year, making it the single biggest intake in the company’s history. The new employees have been split across the business, with some working in the cyber-security department and others working on submarine design...

Airbus Defence and Space selects CEO to start in 2016

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Airbus Defence and Space has announced that Dirk Hoke will succeed Bernhard Gerwert as its chief executive in 2016. Hoke, who was most recently CEO of the Large Drives business unit at Siemens, will assume his role on the 1st of January next year and will take full...

Fibre laser weapon blows truck away

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Defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin has developed a 30kW fibre laser weapon that can quickly burn through a truck’s engine from over a mile away.