Geometrically baffling ‘quasicrystals’ found in the debris of the first-ever nuclear blast

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Nuclear detonations unleash an astonishing amount of destructive force. But the extreme pressure and temperature that they generate also makes nuclear blasts a cauldron of chemical creation, capable of delivering new and surprising scientific discoveries. In the 1950s, for instance, scientists examining debris from US hydrogen bomb tests...

Green method developed for making artificial spider silk

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Researchers have designed a super stretchy, strong and sustainable material that mimics the qualities of spider silk, and is ‘spun’ from a material that is 98% water. A team of architects and chemists from the University of Cambridge has designed super-stretchy and strong fibres which are almost entirely...

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering 2015 Winner

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The ground-breaking chemical engineer Dr Robert Langer has been awarded the QEPrize for his revolutionary advances and leadership in engineering at the interface with chemistry and medicine Dr Langer was the first person to engineer polymers to control the delivery of large molecular weight drugs for the...