Route Into Engineering – Yusuf Muhammad – Engineer And Designer

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We featured Yusuf Muhammad abnd his revolutionary new household fire-safety device in one of our first Born to Engineer videos. Earlier this year we took some time out with Yusuf to discuss his route into Engineering. Engineering can seem like a distant goal but everyone’s engineering journey...

7 Reasons – Why is global transport is so hard to decarbonise?

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Transport accounts for 21% of global carbon emissions. It is now the largest emitting sector in many developed countries. While Europe and North America dominate historic transport emissions, much of the projected growth in emissions is in Asia. Even if current and committed policies were to succeed, transport’s...

Route Into Engineering – Faye Banks – Electrical Transmission Engineer

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Faye Banks took an apprenticeship in electrical engineering and rewrote the rules for apprenticeships in the process. We took some time out with Faye to discuss her route into Engineering. Don't believe anyone who tries to tell you that an apprenticeship won't get you far in life -...